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Living Hope

A Potter's Wheel Series

LIVING HOPE is a series for such a time as this! The series is based on the book of 1 Peter, which is written for us for the season we are in right now! Whilst many may say we are in a season known as the “new normal,” with pandemic storms, health storms, and economic storms - planning for the future has become extremely difficult on every level. Yet, Peter gives us keys to breakthrough for these storms – showing us how to have living hope, how to have grace for the day and how to thrive in the midst of this tumultuous storm. You are called to thrive in the storm! You are called to be light in the darkness and salt to the earth. This series is shared to help us all to prepare each other to thrive in and through the storms we now face.

The Season We Are Now In

A Potter's Wheel Series

Jude is the half-brother of Jesus and he writes a letter to the Church that was intended to be quite edifying. Instead he finds himself having to warn the Church of what he sees will be happening in the church that the church needs to prepare for. His warnings are relevant to us today. This is the season we are in. This is a crucial sermon series for the Church to hear, to learn and to implement. This is a season of training, of preparation to get us ready to walk in God’s supernatural power to witness many lives come to Christ, being discipled and trained in a very turbulent world. Where sin abounds, grace even more so.

The Church

A Potter's Wheel Series

This series covers the role and the importance of the Church. What is the purpose and function of the Church? Why is it so important to be a part of the Body of Christ? We discuss the importance of living out our faith as a community instead of in isolation.

God's Got This!

A Potter's Wheel Series

Have you ever wished you could know what comes at the end in your life? Maybe so that you can go through life with more peace? This series assures us that God has not given us all the details but He has certainly gone to so much effort to express to us in no uncertain terms that IT ALL WORKS OUT… GOD HAS GOT THIS!